You were invited here in response to the nationwide radio talk show that aired October 6, 2011. Hope you found it informative and inspirational. Here is just a summary in reminder:
After over seven years of foreclosure resistance, research and analysis from first hand experience,  Foreclosure Rescue SOS is being established as an organization dedicated to both educating the American People and our Lawmakers to the massive fraud perpetrated on unsuspecting homeowners and taxpayers. It will also help those in foreclosure by supplying them with the resources and legal contacts necessary to stop their foreclosure immediately for the short term, and perhaps even in perpetuity. We are also in the process of setting up a homeowner's association to represent these citizens in Washington and to the states' governments.  This will help give those lawmakers who have proven themselves sympathetic to homeowners and their dilemma the clout necessary to pressure their fellow lawmakers and the courts to look more favorably and with greater open mindedness upon these homeowners in their time of crisis.
Chances are, especially if your mortgage was written in 2004 or later, that your mortgage company has exercised something in a state of impropriety that if exposed would render them impotent in their intention to foreclose. There are also approximately 63 million mortgages (60%) that are probably unenforceable.
There is remedy for you if already in foreclosure-- the means to find immediate relief to enable you to step back and fight the mortgage company on your own terms. There are also ways for those who have already lost their home to foreclosure to potentially recover their home or financial losses, and sometimes both.
Once you have subscribed, within seven days you will receive information that will guide you to the resources to assist you immediately in your personal situation. Next, we will provide additional resources which will help to further your knowledge of foreclosure. Thirdly, instructions will be sent so you may join the homeowner's association which we expect will be unveiled November 2011.
The small processing fee of $10.00 will enable us to cover the administrative expenses involved in keeping our information up-to-date and to ensure that we can guide and direct  you to all the resources that you will need to deal with any type of foreclosure situation you may find yourself facing.
Please note:  I am not an attorney; I  am not personally offering legal advice.  However, there are only a handful of attorneys in each state who are well-versed in foreclosure, and to whom you can be referred with confidence.